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Great Beginnings Bootcamp

Meets: Weekly for 4 weeks, Thursdays 6-8p
Instructor: Susanna Daniel
Location: West side
Cost: $280
Enrollment: 8 openings

The first paragraph of a short story or novel pulls the reader from open water and provides a life raft. Often, the first paragraph grounds the reader in time, place, and character, and sends out reverberations all the way to the story's ending. In some cases, the writer provides much information up front – who, what, when, where – and in some cases, the writer provides just enough.

During this 4-week bootcamp, we'll investigate what makes a great beginning and what pitfalls to avoid. We'll read published examples and craft our own powerful, compelling beginnings.

We'll also discuss how to begin in the other sense -- how to overcome personal roadblocks and get an idea off the ground, and how to find the thread of a story and follow it to the end.

Unlike MWS workshops, our bootcamps focus on inspiring and delighting, not reviewing and polishing. You'll leave with a renewed vigor for your writing and at least a few solid starts, which you can develop on your own or in a workshop. This workshop is meant for writers of all genres and experience levels. Come ready to read, write, support others and be supported.