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Whose Story Is It, Anyway? A Point-of-View Bootcamp

Meets: Weekly, Thursdays 6-8p
Instructor: Susanna Daniel
Location: west side
Cost: $280
Enrollment: 8 openings

Few writing choices matter more than the choice of point of view. How a writer handles point of view can make the difference between a story told capably and a story told powerfully, with a level of urgency that engages the reader from the first sentence and doesn't let go.

Many writers struggle with the "video camera" approach to scene writing, wherein the characters say their lines and make gestures without implicating a point-of-view in the reader's interpretation of the scene, which can leave the work feeling flat and the reader cold. Other writers struggle with maintaining consistent psychic distance, which can leave a reader frustrated or confused.

A masterfully controlled point of view, on the other hand, can pull the reader deeply into a story from page one, and create the "vivid and continuous" dream that makes the difference between a good piece of writing and a great one.

During this 4-week bootcamp, we'll investigate what makes a powerful point of view and what pitfalls to avoid. We'll read published examples and write scenes with a close eye to choosing and executing the most compelling point of view.

This workshop is meant for writers of all genres and experience levels. Come ready to read, write, support others and be supported.

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