Advanced Story/Essay Workshop

Meets: Weekly, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30p
Instructor: Susanna Daniel
Location: West Side
Cost: $520
Enrollment: 6 openings

Think of this class as a maintenance program for the skills and habits you started by taking a weekly workshop. Designed to give returning students continued support as they improve, this workshop will meet 8 times every other week.

Each student will have the opportunity to submit 2-3 original short stories or essays for workshop and will be responsible for reading and discussing the work of each participant. We’ll also read published material and complete craft-focused exercises. Our workshops focus first on what the writer is doing well, then on concrete suggestions for improvement.

We’ll look at published work with an eye to technique: characterization, point of view, plot and structure, dialogue, and description and detail. We’ll discuss why some strategies work and some don’t, how to avoid cliches and pitfalls, and how to hone our strengths and identify our weaknesses. Between workshops, we will keep in touch to encourage and support each other.

This workshop is appropriate for writers with workshop experience, preferably with the Madison Writers’ Studio. Please expect to read 50-75 pages of material every other week, to prepare a 2-3 pages of written feedback for each class session, and to submit 2-3 full-length pieces of original fiction.