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Custom Designed Workshop for Your Organization

You don’t have to be an aspiring writer to benefit from a writing workshop.

Could your employees use a refresher on writing or story essentials? Maybe they have writing skills, but would benefit from a one-time, custom-designed session to spark their creativity.

Employees in high-stress, high-burnout workplaces like healthcare can benefit from a regular writing group that provides a space for reflection, self-care, and community building. Creating narratives helps people process challenging experiences and build resilience.

The Madison Writers’ Studio can facilitate all of these scenarios and more, whether for one session or six, for a few hours or a few weeks. Let us know what your people need, what your organization’s goals are, and we can collaborate to design a workshop just for you.

MWS began designing workshops for a range of audiences in 2016, when we were asked to design an ongoing writing program for UW Hospital’s palliative care fellowship program. The goal was to teach the skill of storytelling at the same time we provided a space for reflection and self care in a difficult, demanding workplace.

We’ve been offering that class ever since, and it got us thinking. What about employees who never trained in writing but find themselves in jobs that require it? A writing class can be a job perk for employees working in a corporate setting that values creativity, or a way to help entrepreneurs tell their story clearly, translating expertise into a clear narrative.

Not sure what you need? Get in touch with us and we’ll help design an event that meets your goals.