In the words of our writers

I learned more in this class than any other writing class I’ve taken.
— Ryan
I loved the class. I was in awe of (and totally intimidated by) the talent I was in company with. I found their pieces brave and inspiring. I was thankful to be there as they shared. The readings and assignments got my brain going again
— Stephanie R.
I would love to take another class. I’ve been prolific in the amount of material I’ve created and with the new skills I have to work with.
— Katie
I want to tell you how truly grateful I am for your amazing workshops, your thoughtful feedback, and the open and nurturing environment you created. I’m super grateful
— Curt
Feedback was amazing! I had come from a situation where every few months I was writing a story for a story share show and I had garnered a reputation of being a skilled and talented writer who didn’t need feedback. If I was struggling people would just tell me I’d work it out and they weren’t worried, never mind that I was. It was so refreshing to have feedback no matter what. It renewed me as a writer.
The feedback I received from Susanna was exactly what one hopes to receive in a workshop: meticulously attentive tracking of story development and identification of craft successes and near-misses . . . I truly admired the way she insured that every member of the class contributed. It was especially wonderful to see how well she modeled equity in attention and contribution among the group members.
— Jacki
A+++ Excellent encouraging feedback, useful, specific, and perceptive. Your written critiques of my workshop pieces gave me wonderful clear guidelines for revision. I am deeply appreciative.
— Janice
Given the quality and abundance of the feedback from the instructor and classmates, I found this class to be the best value as well. You get your money’s worth, and more.
— Julie
Without being too simple – I loved it! And yes I will do it again, and if I knew anyone who was serious about being a better writer, I would recommend the classes.
— Mary
The class was a big step for me to sign up for it, in the sense of stepping outside my comfort zone and letting someone else look at my writing. I never felt ill at ease.
— John
I felt that the group was respectful of the individuals while being honest with each other. Susanna fostered that environment and made it look easy.
— Tami
For me, this was a great re-entry into the practice of writing. I would take another class. It’s a wonderful resource for people from all walks of life who want to write.
— Zara
I think people improve the most when they finally have confidence. They will experience their best growth and find their true voice. You’ve helped me tremendously in this area. Thank you for your kind words.
— Mike
This reminded me of the joy I used to feel in learning new skills and trying new things. I’ve already started the next MWS class.
— Deb
It was the best writing class I’ve ever taken. I would absolutely take another class. The feedback was probably the most valuable part of the class. It was thorough and really showed that the instructor cared about the students and content.
— Christalyne
I really appreciated the critiques Michelle gave me for my work, which were generous and also interested. After reading them, I felt like I had a lot more options and could see my pieces in a different way, which was empowering.
— Erinn
I loved this class, and I think Michelle is a great editor and teacher. I will definitely take another class! The format – a round table discussion with peer and instructor feedback – was one that I found to be very helpful. I liked that people were encouraged, by the instructor’s example, to be very honest instead of giving insincere or inflated reviews…. I saw a noticeable improvement in my writing from the start of the class to the end.
— Jenny
Before this class started, I was technically writing and working on my novel. But it wasn’t until I knew I had to turn 25 pages in to five other writers that I got serious about polishing up my prose, working with the novel’s structure, and getting it in shape to be seen. The class really put some pressure on me—a good kind of pressure!—that I probably wouldn’t have felt even from joining a writing group. I also loved the camaraderie that developed among the members of our class. I left every workshop feeling encouraged and enthusiastic about moving forward.
— Liz