Dialogue & Scene Writing Bootcamp

This intensive workshop is meant for writers of fiction and nonfiction, short stories, novels, essays or memoirs. We’ll focus on how to write fully shaped, beautiful scenes, paying special attention to our sentence and language skills.

We’ll also concentrate on best practices for constructing scenes from the ground up and how to end them in a satisfying way. We’ll work on improving our dialogue skills and discuss how to implement dialogue that works to move story forward, in all genres. Writers will study published work for examples, as well as provide each other feedback on original scenes.

This workshop is appropriate for writers with some workshop experience, preferably with the Madison Writers’ Studio. Please expect to read up to 50 pages of material every week and prepare exercises for each class session.

WHEN. TBA. Contact us to be notified of schedule updates.

WHO. Writers with some experience.

COST. $260. Includes reading material.